Inline speed skate frames are made from CNC machined 7075 aluminium, these premium frames provide excellent power transfer for a smooth and precise ride. If you are interested in the inline speed skate frames, please feel free to contact us.

Advantages of inline speed skate frames

1.The inline skate frame is made of one piece of aluminum.  In fact, these so-called bridges – the connections between both of the sidewalls – make the frame in certain areas very rigid and in other areas more flexible.
2.More stability gives you more control and predictability. More stability gives you more grip and pressure in the corners.More stability reduces fatigue in muscles which are responsible for fine motor skills. 3.As we are using the rigidness of the sidewall, we don't need reinforcing bridges.

When shopping for new frames for your custom inline speed skates or for replacement upgrades, there are a few things to keep in mind. Think of the frame’s length, height, weight, material, flexibility, and mounting system it’s compatible with. If you need more suggestion, just contact us!

Types of inline speed skate frames

1.Aggressive skate frames To perform tricks, grinds and jumps at the skate park or off other, not always approved, obstacles around town. Most Aggressive frames are made of thick-walled plastics to allow for a smooth grinding surface that can take abuse. 2.Freestyle skate frames Typically have a max wheel size of 80mm in either a flat or more advanced ‘rockered’ wheel configuration and are not compatible with brake mounts. A short wheelbase and high-grade aluminum are used to make ideal for maneuvering cones, artistic dance or anything else you want to do with precision. 3.Speed skate frames Technologically advanced to be light, stable and provide efficient energy transfer at high rates of speed. Aerospace grade aluminums or alloys are common base materials and they support large wheel sizes for the high speeds associated with Inline Speed Racing. Frame lengths tend to be longer than other frames, making them best suited for advanced skaters who are looking for something speed driven.

Provide custom inline speed skates with high quality and competitive price, welcome to contact us.

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