Artistic Figure inline skate Frames

Artistic Figure inline skate Frames


Roller skates or figure inline skates are designed specifically so you can figure skate outside.  Find any flat surface, your garage, underground parking lot, or tennis court and transform that surface into a sheet of ice with these specially designed figure inline skates.

Artistic Inline Figure Skate Frame is a ground-breaking design for artistic inline figure skates. Our inline figure skate frames are extremely lightweight and highly maneuverable. Inline figure skaters will love how the shorter frame length allows tighter turns and closer footwork. Inline figure skate frames give skaters a high-quality, precise, and responsive instrument for experiencing the beauty of figure skating off the ice. Get a quote.

Features of inline figure skate frames:
1.Lightweight and durable aluminum frame 2.The wheels are in different heights to imitate the rocker of a figure skating blade 3.Suitable for figure skating and ice dancing elements 4.Durable, height-adjustable stopper 5.Easy maintenance (e.g. replacement of rollers and stoppers)

How to use inline figure skate frames

Skating on level surfaces like roller rinks, basketball courts, tennis courts, and the like, are recommended because wheels and toe stops/pics tend to wear out quickly on rough or uneven surfaces.  Make sure and wear protective gear!

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