Why is it reprocessed after oxidation?

Issuing time:2022-05-27 10:46

Why is it reprocessed after oxidation?

In addition to the aesthetic needs to increase the functionality of the product, the customer will require product whitening (deoxidizing) treatment.Or more aesthetically pleasing will add a layer of outline highlights.

Highlighting is a relatively backward process for aluminum parts.

Bright edge processing is generally carried out on the flat aluminum parts. Before highlighting, we should process a more precise fixture, open holes in the fixture and use vacuum to absorb it.The Angle of the C Angle of the bright edge is determined by the selection of chamfering knives with different angles. The NC is input into the CNC, and the chamfering knife is processed along the NC track.Aluminum profile design is best not to turn, if you can not avoid turning, also try to turn some big, because the milling cutter in the corner is easy to mill out the size of the edge.Aluminum design area can not be too small, to leave enough vacuum adsorption area, otherwise in processing aluminum can not absorb, there will be size edge.CD pattern is a series of concentric circles used by CNC car in aluminum parts according to drawings.


Whitening (oxidation layer)   

Oxidation is always chosen when it is necessary to conduct electricity or other functions.Determine the path to be processed before processing to avoid multiple processing or damage to the workpiece.The position that needs to be exposed after oxidation should reserve more than 0.15mm for post-processing.According to the need to process different positions to select the appropriate tool processing, to ensure the size of the finished drawings.                                                       


In order to have better beauty and functionality, we need to process again after anodic oxidation. It is necessary to pay attention to not destroy excessive oxidation layer and damage the workpiece, which consumes more time and increases the loss of cost.

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