Why Are Your Roller Skates Uncomfortable to Wear?

Issuing time:2022-08-15 14:33

Are roller skates that you've picked out for a long time in a boutique still uncomfortable to wear? Is it a problem with the shoes or with the person? I'm afraid there are reasons on both sides, even different people have different experiences with the same pair of skates, so let's take a closer look today.

The human factor.

●Wrong size selection.

People often like to buy a size up in skates, thinking it will ease the cramped feet, but at the same time buying a size up leaves room for wear and tear from sliding back and forth. In addition, buying one size up will not only increase the width and thickness of the shoe, but will also increase the overall length, as well as the width of the heel, which can affect the overall wrap and comfort of the shoe. Therefore, even if you can reduce the sliding distance by tightening the laces and bar buckles, there will still be room for wear up and down your heel, which will eventually lead to ankle wear, so it is quite important to choose the right shoe size.

●Improper skating position of the user.

Poor lower limb exertion habits can lead to incorrect force lines and inward or outward turning of the foot. These problems are reflected in the familiar partial edge of the skate, because whether the foot is inward or outward turning, it affects the way the force is applied during the skating process, which can indirectly lead to a mismatch between the shape of the foot and the shape of the shoe, eventually leading to abrasion and skin breakdown.

Roller Derbe frame

●The user suffers from a foot condition.

Two of the most common problems are tendon sheath cysts and osteophytes. In this case, the joints or muscles of the foot are already inflamed, swollen and even deformed, and the shape of the foot is already quite different from the everyday one.

The shoe factor.

●The design of the shoe last does not match the shape of your foot.

The problems we talk about everyday, such as protruding ankles, wide feet, wide heels and high instep, are all relative to shoe lasts, and some shoe lasts are actually made for specific people and cannot meet the needs of the general public for specific foot shapes. So, avoid these specific types of shoes and use shoes with thermoplastic features or adjust the tightness of the laces to increase the tolerance of the shoe shape so that it fits the foot as closely as possible and adapts slowly. Of course, if the fit is still uncomfortable, it is advisable to reshape the shoe to avoid damage to your foot health or even a safety incident.

Roller Hockey skate Frames-two-colored anodzing

●Mismatch between footwear and skating needs

For example, there are different types of skate frames. A flat frame means that all four wheels of the same size are on the ground during skating, while a banana frame means that only the middle two wheels touch the ground in the same wheel situation, and is mainly used for practising fancy moves. It is clearly contradictory to use a flat-bottom frame to do fancy moves, which is not only difficult to do but may also create technical hazards.


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