History of Ice Skating

Issuing time:2022-08-31 18:59

Ice skating is a sport played by people on ice with the help of ice skates or other equipment. It mainly includes speed skating, short track speed skating, figure skating, ice hockey and curling. Usually, people refer to ice skating as speed skating, short track speed skating and figure skating.


The earliest human ice sports can be traced back to the ancient Neolithic era. It is proved that ice sports originated in the Netherlands. At that time, people used wooden plows as a means of transportation on the ice, and later the easier to glide animal bones replaced the wood. The Dutch ground the horse bones to a smooth bottom and tied the bones to their shoes with a belt that was drilled and polished at both ends and skated with the help of a walking stick for support. This is the most primitive ice skating tool for humans - bone ice skates.


Not only in the Netherlands, but also in Switzerland, England and some other countries in the 11th and 12th centuries in early documents, there are also records about tying animal bones to the feet to skate on the ice. Although this was just a game or a simple substitute for walking at that time, it laid the foundation for modern ice sports. It is reported that in about 1250 AD, the Dutch invented the iron ice skates. Because this ice skates than tied to the skates of the animal bone skating speed is much faster, so quickly prevailed in Europe. With the continuous improvement of skating equipment, skating technology also continued to mature, the ice rink also changed from outdoor to indoor, and the rules of various competition events also continued to improve, modern ice skating has become popular. At present, speed skating, figure skating, ice hockey and curling have been included in the Winter Olympic Games.

In the ancient times, the Nordic ice skating community was a very popular sport.


In the ancient times, the nomads in Northern Europe already used animal bones to engage in ice skating; later, it was introduced to Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands by the Finnish nomads. Around the 13th century, ice skating became very popular in England. Due to the demand for technique

In 1830, the British Skating Club was established and began to systematically study figure skating.

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