What Do I Need to Pay Attention to when Doing Ice Skating?

Issuing time:2022-09-09 10:36

It is very easy to get injured if you are not prepared before skating. So what are the precautions and preparations for ice skating? Here is Xuanchen to tell you what are the precautions to take when skating, welcome to read.

What do you need to do to prepare for ice skating?

1. Before skating, first do some warm-up actions.

2. Choose the right type and size of skates for you, check the ice blade has no serious wear and tear to prevent weakness and side slip.



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3. In the outdoor skating to choose a safe site, in the natural icing of lakes, rivers, ponds skating, should choose frozen solid, no ice holes and cracks, cracks in the ice, to try to be closer to the shore. Early winter and early spring, the ice has not frozen solid or has begun to melt, do not go skating, so as not to break the ice and accidents. If an accident occurs, the first time to the hospital to check, so as not to leave the root of the disease, the body caused irreparable damage.

4. In addition, outdoor skating for beginners is a certain degree of difficulty, beginners in skating, not anxious and reckless, learning should be gradual, with special attention to maintain the balance of the body's center of gravity, to avoid falling backwards and breaking the lumbar spine and the back of the head. When there are many people skating, pay attention to avoid collisions.

5. Then the icing season, the weather back to very cold, skaters in the skating to wear a good hat, gloves, pay attention to keep warm, to prevent colds and frostbite in exposed parts of the body.

6. Finally, the skating time should not be too long, to do a good job of cold measures, in the cold environment, the body's heat loss is greater. When resting, you should wear a good cold coat, while untie your skates, move your feet, so that blood flow, so as to prevent frostbite.

7. After you stop skating, you should do some easy exercises to calm your body down before you leave the rink.

Xuanchen shares some skating tips for you

V-shaped walk

1. First stand in a V-shaped stance. (Both feet spread into a V-shape and shoulder width of about 45 degrees, when we take this way to stand when the wheel does not slide, this is the basic inline skating stance.)

2. Lean slightly to the left and slowly shift the weight to the left foot.

3. Lean forward slightly and lift your right foot forward.

4. Put your right foot down and step firmly, and shift your weight to your right foot.

According to this recipe, the left and right feet are lifted forward and put down smoothly, so as to get familiar with the feeling of weight transfer.

Falling to stand up

1. If you can't stop when sliding forward, don't panic, reach your hands to your chest first.

2. Knees down squat.

3. Lower your knees to the ground first. (The knee pads are very useful at this point.)

4. fingers do open, flat on the ground. As the body will still lunge forward after landing, remember to have your hands ready in front of your chest.

5. When the force of the dive is offset, hands will be propped up.

6. Right foot squat, into a one-legged kneeling position, hands flat on the right knee.

7. Press down hard with both hands to prop up the body.

8. Stand in a V-shaped stance.

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