A Guide to Beginner Roller Skating

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Roller skating is a great form of exercise and can also be a form of transport. Once you have learned the correct form and how to skate and stop, you will discover the joys of skating. Read on to find out how to learn to roller skate.

Roller frame

Roller frame

1 Skating equipment

When you're ready to skate, you'll need a pair of skates that fit you, a helmet, knee pads and wrist guards.

As you are just starting to learn how to roller skate, it is probably inevitable that you will fall to the floor at first. If you are worried about getting a fall or bruise, protect yourself with a helmet, knee pads and wrist guards. Wearing a helmet in particular will protect your head from injury.

2 Take your first step

If you've done all your prep work, get ready to start!

The correct position for rollerblading is to place your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees and squat down. Lower your back towards the floor and lean slightly forward in a comfortable squatting position. Balance is key when you roller skate and this position will prevent you from tipping over.

The first time you hit the rink, you may feel like you can't control your skates and you may lose your balance and fall over a few times before you can stand comfortably.

It's hard to be completely still on a pair of roller skates. Once you've got the hang of it, practice correcting your posture regularly by moving your skates slightly to help you maintain your balance.

3 Start walking

With your heels together and toes facing out, start walking slowly forward. Continue to squat down, keeping your heels under your body so that you can balance more easily.

Practice until you can comfortably "duck walk" on skates while maintaining your balance. As you gain confidence, start moving faster and take longer strides. Push the wheels harder so that you roll further with each step.

4 Practice stopping

Your right skate should be equipped with a brake, located on the toe of the skate. To stop, skate with your skates parallel to each other. Maintain a crouched position and lean forward slightly. Place your right skate slightly in front of your left skate, lift the toe of your right skate and press down hard on your toe. If you don't apply the brakes hard enough, you may lose your balance and fall.

If you find it difficult to apply enough pressure at first, try pressing down on your right knee with both hands to help you apply enough force to stop.

5 Learn to figure skate

Once you get good at skating, you can learn to figure skate.

For example, learn how to skate backwards, cross turns, jumps etc.

So, are you ready to schedule roller skating into your life?For more information about roller skating visit this link.

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