Different Types of Skates

Issuing time:2022-12-19 16:57

This article will introduce 5 different types of roller skates.

1. Speed Skates

Speed skates are designed to go fast and because of their design, they are very popular skates. Speed skates feature a low-cut shoe that fits like a tennis shoe. The low-cut design helps to go around corners. These skates are very popular in impromptu skating and of course speed skating because of the freedom of movement they provide at the ankle. These skates also have speed wheels and bearings that allow the skater to skate faster and longer.


2. Outdoor Skates

Outdoor skates are available in low or high-top boots with wheels specifically designed for outdoor skating where the ground is usually not as smooth. In most cases, the only difference between indoor skates and outdoor skates is the wheels, and outdoor wheels are usually softer than indoor wheels.

Outdoor recreational wheels are softer and more absorbent, allowing for a smoother ride on "less smooth" surfaces, such as streets and trails with cracks and debris.

3. Indoor Skates

Indoor skates are traditional style skates for those who want to skate in the rink, artistic dance, and those who want to skate at a rhythm. These skates are designed with a taller boot for good control when performing spins or jumps. The wheels are narrower for easier steering and maneuverability.

4. Children's Skates

Kids' skates are skates designed for young skaters. They look cool, but at the same time, they are designed so that they are not as fast as other skates.

5. Recreational Skates

Recreational skates are designed for skaters who want a good pair of skates for exercise, usually outdoors. The shoes are high on top and provide excellent foot and ankle support. These casual skates are also very comfortable, so skaters can skate longer.

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