Inline Racing Skates Speed Frame

Specifications 3X110/3X100
Texture aluminum7003
Colour Black/optional

Inline Racing Frames Size

3x100mm-10.8"-150/165 mm mounting

3x110mm-12.0"-165/195 mm mounting

3x125mm-13.2"-195 mm mounting

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inline racing frames

inline racing frames
inline racing frames

inline racing frames


Undeformed 7003 series Alloy CNC, The Xuanchen AL frames are the pinnacle of casted frames, super strong and yet very light.

Cylindrical three-dimensional structure,   strengthen gas drainage, guiding inertia is stronger, reduce the   weight , faster, at the same time   you do not have to worry about the strength of the frame, the frame extrusion with solid material aluminum 7000 series,

inline racing frames


150 mm - used with kids’ speed skates,

165 mm - used with smaller wheel skates (max 84mm), 3-wheel-skates, fitness skates and smaller sizes,

195 mm - used with bigger wheels (over 90mm) + bigger sizes,

UFS – used with aggressive skates.

inline racing frames


1. What files do you need to proceed?

A: We need 3D drawing in STP, IGS format, or PDF drawing with detals. If you can't offer 3D drawing, then please send sample if you have.

2. Can you help to make 3D drawing if l don't have?

A: Yes we can, you can just send us a freehand drawing or told us any idea, then told what size you want, we can help to create the 2D and 3D.

3. Can l get samples to check quality?

A: Sure, sample is available.

4. How long to make production once confirm the samples?

A: Production can be done in 35-45 days after confirm the samples.

5.How long does shipping take?

-We ship all of our products from our factory in China using UPS and it takes approximately 5-7 business days for   products to be delivered (worldwide).

Once shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation via email including a tracking-ID so you’ll be able to keep track of the parcel during transit.

Specifications of inline racing frames




AL6061/AL7003/AL7005/AL7050/AL7075/Magnesium alooy         

Surface Handling

Anodzing/color coating/voccum plating etc


laser printing, screen printing, etc.


according to customer' requirement



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