Long Track speed skates racing

Number XC-Long Track 001
Type Long Track
Specifications 14.5"/15.0"/15.5"/16.0"/16.5"/17.0"/17.5"/18.0"
Texture steel
Colour As requested
Brand As requested

product descripion   :


steel :    Bimetaal PMstaal 64HRc

Light weight and durable

One knife bridge CNC machining hollow design, lighter   weight

Arc line cutting design

The blade is made of composite steel, the bottom of each double blade isprocessed by line cutting. The blade has a small contact area with the icesurface, which is convenient for arc-shaped ice boarding and good control.

The Xuanchen long track clap ice blade is a great entry-level long track ice speed skating blade. The clap mechanism uses a strong spring and the blade is built to last.
Long track ice speed skating is an enjoyable winter sport     


The bracket   is stable and   adopts integrated design, which is more stable and solid.   Make you in the process of movement, the knife block will not shift, will not affect every action to establish a more stable and safe rigid connection, eliminate the knife block offset fall caused by the hidden danger


Double damping

At high speeds, the shock absorption system reduces the impact on the feet and knees. It also reduces weight and helps you run faster.


Advanced dislocation ice long track :     


Corrosion resistant                         highhardness        wear-resisting                    durable     

Precautions for using ice skates

1. When placing skates and entering and leaving the ice rink, the knifesleeve should be used to protect the blade, so as not to damage the blade. Donot use in the sand, uneven, cracked ice, after using the ice blade clean,coated with oil rust.

2. In order to prevent skates from being soaked by snow and ice foam, wipeglycerine before and after use, remember to wipe it

Maintenance of skates and skates

1. When buying skates, you should choose moderate shoes with your feet.Tie your LACES and make your feet comfortable in your shoes.

2. When carrying skates, it is necessary to wear protective cover for theice blade. The front tip and back tail of the skates should not be verticallyaligned with the body.

3. Check whether the connection part is loose before use. If found, itmust be repaired before it can be used.

4, taxi, avoid collision with others, protect their own safety and thesafety of others.

5, speed skating skates in sliding, the body should lean forward, with theblade of the skates to push out the ice, after the knife, legs, feet and skatesinto a straight line; When turning, lean to the right and push the ice with theinside and outside edge of the skates.

6. In sliding, when the skates fall vertically after completing thejumping action, the skates first contact the ice at one third of the front tipand gradually extend backward.

7, when the hockey knife sliding, avoid using the knife holder to catchthe puck, to protect their own safety and prevent the knife holder cracking.

8. Children and teenagers need to slide with their parents.


Skating steel:64HRC
Thickness of skating steel :1.1 mm
Pipe :HSS high tensile drawn steel
Fixation of skating steel:laser welding
Height41 mm
Post-treatment:grinding, polishing, post-edging Anodzing/colorcoating
Standard spring:medium
Size:34 to 47 | 2 per button fixed shoe size

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