Quad Speed skates Frame

Number XC-Quad Frame 001
Type Quad Frame
Specifications 130-135-140-145-150-155-160-165-170-175-180
Texture alumium6061
Colour gray/optional
Brand As requested

Quad Speed skates Frame description:

Speed skating can be done using different types of skates including inline speed skates and quad speed skates.

Finding the right speed skates will ensure that you have a great experience while speeding away in your neighborhood.

Speed skating has grown in popularity in recent years and most people have been engaged in the sport for several reasons such as burning a few calories and spending time with family and friends.Whether you want to speed skate for fun or fitness, ensure that you find the right skate that fits your feet perfectly without feeling too tight or too loose.

We can provide the quad speed skates frame and custom quad speed skates frame.Linxin is a professional factory who is specialize in producing Skate hardware accessories, with more than 20 years' experience, we have cooperated with many skate brands. If you are looking for the quad speed skates frame, welcome to contact us.


right and left foot

Features of Quad Speed skates Frame:

Ultra light plate made of special aluminium alloy and trucks with steel axles

Differently angled trucks: The greater inclination of the front axle allows the skater to enter turns more easily and with less pressure.

The lower inclination of the back axle improves stability and centering during turns.

Click action adjustment system

Redesigned suspensions in elastomer with a double stage compression.

Toe stops: Ambra super professional

Professional wrenches kit included

Ø 7mm axles, also available with Ø 8mm axles on demand

best quad speed skates

Specification of Quad Speed skates Frame


3#-12#, according to requestment

Manufacturing process

Extruded and CNC machined



Surface treatment process

Anodzing, PMS color availabe

Weight    220g

The Difference Between Inline Speed Skates Vs Quad Speed Skates

Inline skates are those skates with wheels arranged in 1 straight line making them easy to maneuver thus they are great for outdoor skating or roller hockey because a skater can be able to maneuver around potholes or cones.For a feeling that is similar to ice skating, or you need to travel a long distance, inline skates can be a better choice.The roller skates have wheels arranged in a configuration of two-by-two. This makes the skates stable hence good for beginners.

The quad skates are a great choice if a skater is interested in dancing in their skates or if they want to go for roller derby. With the right protective gear and hardware, roller skates can be enjoyable while at the Skate Park.

Another difference between the roller and inline skates is where the brakes are located. Inline skates’ brakes are at the heel of 1 boot. Quad skate’s toe-stop is attached to the plate and is under the toe of both boots.

The quad skates are more stable, while inline skates are faster and more maneuverable. Inline skates offer more ankle support and may be easier for skaters who are used to ice skating because the configuration of the wheel is similar to the blade.

Quad skates are used in roller derby and artistic skating and are usually standard in most indoor tracks.   The inline skates are used in speed skating and roller hockey and are similar to ice skating.

You are welcome to contact us for business and we will provide our best quad speed skates frame to you!

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